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Dovpo New Arrival - M VV II Box Mod

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Dovpo New Arrival - M VV II Box Mod

Hello Dovpo Fans, we have a new device to show you - Dovpo M VV II Box Mod.

It is a new version of M VV, it's a high-performance potentiometer based mechanical mod. The M VV II has same features as the M VV, dual 18650 battery, 1.0V to 8.0V voltage range, maximum 280W power wattage, and it also comes with several protections to provide you with safe vaping. 

Dovpo MVV II (4)

What's new on M VV II? M VV II has new aesthetic colorful look and stylish designs that are more aggressive, it's customizable too. 

Dovpo MVV II (3)

It has a built-in USB Type-C port inside the box, that's well design, and convenient for you. 
The M VV II is more affordable, so that every vaper can enjoy vaping with this amazing box mod.

Welcom to check it at Dovpoecig >>>


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