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An introduction to Mechanical Mod

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An introduction to Mechanical Mod

In this blog we will be introducing you to the BASICS of mechanical mod usage.

This is for the average user that wants to start with mechanical mods or those who are starting the use of mechanical mods and need a guide.

  • Maintence

  • Type of mechanical mods

  • Safe Builds

  • Battery safety

As we discussed in our forums there are multiple ways to clean a mechanical mod. Cleaning is a once a week thing in our recommendation. A well maintained mod is a powerful mod, you need to remove the patina to avoid voltage drop so that you can get the best performance from any mechanical mod you use.

Types of mechanical mod:
There are many types of mechcnical mods so lets break this section into the three most typically used types.

Single Battery Mech mod:
As the name says it is any mechanical mod using a single battery be it 18650 21700 20700 20650 18350 26650 there is only one battery, some feel that this is the best type as it is compact and still produces a lot of power, like the clutch mod we will continue discussions on builds in the build and battery safety portion.

Parallel mechanical mod:
The most typical configuration of this is 2 batteries side by side with the positive pin pointing upwards toward the atomizer. This type of dual battery mod is noted to be safer than a series and more powerful than a single battery mod.

Series Mechanical Mod:
Noted to be the most powerful of these three popular mechanical mod configurations.
A series is two batteries side by side with the positive pin of the first battery towards the atomizer and the second battery in a positive DOWN position, or stacked on top of eachother both positive towards the atomizer. With this we need to exercise extreme caution in doing our builds and battery knowledge.

Clutch Mechanical Mod

Safe Builds:
With this we come to how to safely build on your mechanical mod, this is so that you know the build is not over the ampere limits of your battery and for this we need to touch the basics of the Ohms law for the three types of mechanical mods here is the bare basic formula.

Single battery mod 4.2volts (V)  / Resistance (ohms) = Ampere (A)
An example of this is
4.2v / .20 Ohm = 21a
it is the LOWEST build that we at DOVPO recommend any lower and it is at your own discretion.

Parallel mod this comes in two parts first we get the amperes then split by the number of batteries running in the configuration so 4.2volts (V) / Resistance (ohms) = Ampere (A)
once you get the amperes then Ampere (A) / Number of batteries being used

We will be using a Dual battery configuration in this example:
4.2v / .10 ohms = 42a (dangerous level for batteries under 30a)
then after getting 42a we divide by the number of batteries
42a / 2 (batteries used in a dual battery parallel mod) = 21a (safe now)

And Finally a Series mod:
Number of batteries x 4.2v (Volts) / by Resistance (ohms) = Amperes (A) this means the more batteries you are running the higher the voltage, KEEP IN MIND the more you use the more powerful yet the more dangerous this gets to miscalculate.

for this example were using a dual battery configuration (any more than 2 is just showing off)
2 batteries x 4.2v = 8.4v
8.4v / .35 ohms = 24a this build is the LOWEST safe build we can recommend on a series mod build lower at your own risk.

Battery safety:
 And Finally one of the most important parts on this list. BATTERY SAFETY, keep in mind no matter what people say or the battery manufacturers try to convince you the MAXIMUM ampere draw on a battery is 30a at their best. To know what the TRUE ratings of the batteries are we recommend you check out the blogs of Mooch.

Never EVER go over a 30a build we would not recommend doing so. Do at your own risk. If you ever over amp your batteries you run two risks Thermal venting or Thermal expansion,

And ofcourse always check if there is damage to your battery wrap. If there is then it is best that you rewrap the battery immediately.

Thermal venting is when the battery leaks its chemical components usually through the positive pin, this happens when the internal temperature of the battery reaches around 100 degrees Celsius.
Thermal Expansion is when the battery heats up too fast for the safety features to kick in and it expands and explodes the battery which typically is at around 150 to 200 degrees Celsius this can severely injure you if it occurs.

This can be caused by short circuits in the mechanical mod because of tears in the mechanical mod or because of builds that are too low for your battery and it overheats to 100 degrees Celsius or above.

This being said please always check your batteries and builds.


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