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M VV II Panel Graphics Competition

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M VV II Panel Graphics Competition

Hello Dovpo Fans,

Do you like the M VV II and like the unique aggressive look on the panels? And also got a creative ideas that wanted to be printed on the M VV II ?

Join our Dovpo M VV II Panel Graphics Competition! And win as much as US$200 !

How To Enter ?
1.) Download the PDF file of the panel and put in yours designs
2.) Make sure the image that you are using is fit in the canvass and also a High Quality Image 
3.) Please make sure you are using a original image content that you will use to prevent copyright infringement issues
4.) Write what is the Title and Meaning or Background Story behind the image that you used
5.) Please email your entries at  contest.dovpoecig@gmail.com attach it in JPEG format & PDF format each.
Please also write down your information Name, Contact Number, Country on the Subject 
(If you are not good at making layout, please provide the graphics you want to put on)

If we decided to adopt with your design, you will get $200 as prize for your design.

M VV II Panel Design

Please Grab the chance to be a panel designer of the M VV II !

Dovpo Team


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