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Mono SQ

The Mono SQ in collaboration with Siganture Tips & DOVPO Tech is a regulated DNA 75c Evolv Escribe Chipset that is powered by single 18650 battery with a power output of 1.0 - 75 watts & TCR of 200° to 600° max and Replay Mode features. The body is made by premium Aluminum Alloy Billet that resemble the body features of the original SQ Squonker Mods, for finergrip and comfort. The Mono SQ DNA 75c comes in Black,Red,Blue,and Green.

Mono SQ Features:
1) DNA 75c
2) 18650 Variable Mod.
3) Replay Mode & TCR Options
4) Customizable Buttons & Replaceable Door Panels
5) Billet Aluminum Body Material
6) Battery Efficieny & Accuracy
7) Ergonomic Finger Hinges
8) 4 Base Colors to Choose, Red, Black, Blue, Green


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