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As a leading company in the industry, DOVPO pays much attention to quality and security. An independent Quality Control Organization is set up to monitor each production line and ensure 100% safety of the products. 

DOVPO is founded by a group of researchers, developers and business experts who are heavy smokers at first, and we strive to finding an ultimate solution for smoking. Therefore, Dovpo owns the most abundant experience about manufacturing suitable products for clients, and we will personally test each product before sales. 

The R & D Department in Dovpo includes eight R & D engineers, two electrical engineers and two ID design engineers. Graduating from universities, all of them have abundant industry experience for many years. With this powerful and excellent R & D team, we always devote ourselves to providing high-quality, multi-functional and convenient electronic cigarette to clients. 


DOVPO tech always adopts top-down methodology to design products. Firstly, conduct market research before designing products. Secondly, with customer-oriented principle in mind, the designers just propose their own designing ideas based on leading electronic technology solutions. Thirdly, the various designing ideas are analyzed and discussed. For one thing, ID designers make 3 D appearance stimulation; for another thing, structural designers are responsible for designing and testing the structure again and again. Fourthly, if there is no question about the validity, designers can make models and begin trial production. During this process, different tests should be conducted, such as electron project test, aging test and so on. Fifthly, in the case of no other problems with product, mass production begins. 

In order to meet the requirements of ODM production, the clients need to provide some basic parameters, craft requirements and market segmentation. Besides, ID designers always send message about texture, exterior, function and parameter settings to clients. Once obtaining feedbacks from clients, the designers will modify the project and design 3D drawing again until that the clients feel satisfied. Afterward, the company will begin to design structure, build model and conduct trial production. 



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