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Topside Dual Carbon Released

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Topside Dual Carbon Released

Hello everyone, there is an exciting good news for you - Topside Dual Carbon Released

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The TOPSIDE DUAL CARBON is the newest premium edition of the innovative TOPSIDE DUAL Squonk mod that is created by design visionary Brian Herb from The Vapor Chronicles YouTube channel. This game changing squonk mod has all of the innovation from the original DUAL battery TOPSIDE but now offers many premium improvements to the aesthetics and performance. Partnering with YiHi for the chip adds a level of precision and performance that is unrivaled in the industry. The new Carbon material is impermeable,highly resistant to scratching, very lightweight, smooth to the touch and absolutely beautiful looking.

 Please watch the video,the premier of the Brian Herb TVC introduction of the Topside Dual Carbon,you will know more about it.


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