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What use is the Voltage display on regulated mods

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What use is the Voltage display on regulated mods

Hi Dovpo fans,

Today we're going to discuss why the voltage display (that letter V on your screen) is used and why it exists.

This directly relates to your ohmslaw, Voltage / Resistance (Ohms) = Amperes

Have you ever wondered why you get extremely hot vapor experiences on some builds and some not? That’s because you possibly are feeding too much power to your coils.

Odin 200 ModMono SQ

In correlation to mechanical mod, on a parallel mod you usually use 4.2volts as a guide and 8.4volts for a series guide this too applies to the regulated mods.
if you’re in for a more comfortable cooler vape you aim to set your wattage to where when you fire the device you get the voltage display at 3.5v to 4.2v giving you a more comfortable vape, honestly in our opinion if you’re using Hybrid wires you can push from 3.7v to 6.2,  for a more relaxed vape upto a max of 8.4volts for a series mod power type of experience.


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